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Protoss Warp Reaver by Phill-Art Protoss Warp Reaver by Phill-Art
I miss that lumbering Reaver from SC1. I liked it's design of a robotic caterpillar, so I took that idea and changed it up a bit. Keep in mind these unit concepts are more for my portfolio, so don't take them too seriously. As far as its ability, a Robotics Facility and Stargate can be rallied to this unit, this will cause units from those buildings to appear on the field at the Warp Reavers location if it's warp gate is activated (while activated it can not move). The biggest problem I thought of with this unit idea was trying to justify why a player should be making more than just a couple per game. I thought of the idea of limiting one building being rallied to a Warp Reaver at a time, but that's a poor excuse to give players motive to build them. So I thought of a second ability that it could do. Perhaps it could use an energy based ability that sucked in missile attacks, similar to an ability the Mothership had pre WoL beta. It would suck in missile fire in a short cone radius, but this would have to be used wisely, since the Warp Reaver is very slow at pivoting.
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I really like this as a concept but I would add a few things to make it that much more useful. While its moving it could either.

A. lay a kind of warp rift land mine kind of thing, like this small bubble of warp blast that can slow enemy's down like the Marauders slow rocket's and maybe do like a little bit of damage but the catch is like the vulture bikes from SC 1 you have to contently rebuild them for a small price of minerals , or they only last a while like lest say a minute with out a Warp reaver around to keep them energised. this would rewarded micro players or a kind of fighting retreat.

B. an other idea for the rift mine but creates a small bubble of warp power like a pylon like enough to port in one or two units small units or one larger unit say about the size of an immortal. before vanishing and give it a bit of rang, like of like an infesters spawn infested terran ability.

on the offensive side, have it forgo its ability to warp in new units (for a cast of energy) to be able   fire a long rang laser beam at an enemy, like the warp ray but have it much weaker  maybe have it so if you have mutable warp ravers near by the one firing the beam it gets stonger and stronger so having a few of these supporting each other should be like having a mobile base with some defensive cabiablitys.

the trade of I would give is make it really slow to move so the only real way you can move it around the may is have to have a the protos drop ship thing (I forgot the them) carry them around and have it that you cant train one from your robotic's center instead you have a probe build them
LordDarkstarr Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016
You know, I noticed some time ago that the Larva from Hexbug looks more than a little like a Protoss Reaver in miniature--I'm even looking at tracking one down if they're still made and repainting it bronze/blue to look like a "chibi-reaver". My only complaint was that it didn't automatically build more scarab drones, but that may be a game balance thing.

I haven't played Legacy of the Void yet, so I don't know if reavers make a return in SC2, but I hope so. If not, there may be a better version in SC3 (assuming Blizzard makes one).

I'm not sure about the Warp Reaver being able to warp in Robotics Facilities and Stargates (seems a little overpowered to me), but being able to act like a pylon when warping in troops would make sense while it had the warp gate deployed. Alternately, it could function as the Protoss version of a Siege Tank--in Reaver mode, it shoots homing projectiles at the nearest enemy, while in Warp mode, it becomes stationary but gains a cannon attack similar to a Void Ray's (lower power but higher accuracy, perhaps?) Or possibly the Protoss answer to the Spine Crawler and Spore Crawler--basically a semi-mobile turret.
Phill-Art Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2016
You can use Reavers in the LoV campaign actually. They also let you upgrade Stargate and Robotics Facility unit warp-ins within pylon fields. 
omzig89 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, the original Reavers and Scarabs were awesome. The SC2 banelings are kind of like that for Zerg. I heard that Legacy of the Void will show you many different kinds of units and tech that you have to collect throughout the campaign - maybe some unit like this might appear once like the drill in the Terran campaign collecting the artifacts?
LordDarkstarr Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016
Like I've said, I haven't played LotV yet, but yes, you get access to Tal'Darim, Dark Templar, Khalai, and even Purifier designs in campaign mode and can switch between them much like you can change mutations in the HotS campaign. There are some nice, new units for all