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Dragonborn Characters
Here's some D&D inspired designs. I've never seen an asian style Dragonborn, so I gave it a shot. 
(Dwarf) Planet Girl Pluto
Pluto is smaller than the earth's moon, yet has 5 moons of it's own. Pluto's moon Charon is half the diameter of Pluto, which makes it the largest moon relative to its "planet" in our solar system. Pluto was declassified as a planet in August 2006, and was changed to a dwarf planet. Official planets don't share their orbits with other celestial bodies comparable to their size. Pluto, along with other dwarf planets, share orbits with other celestial bodies similar in size. 
Planet Girl Neptune
Neptune's atmosphere is made up of mostly hydrogen and helium, with traces of methane. Methane absorbs red light, which gives the planet it's rich blue color. Neptune's winds can reach up to 1500 miles per hour, which is the fastest winds in the solar system. 

You can donate to him here:

An old friend of mine (and fellow artist) is in a bit of a financial crisis, he's at risk of losing his storage unit and his apartment. His artwork is very "off the beaten path". He dares to go, where not many other artists would, but the man needs your help!


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Phill Berry
United States
I'm working on my portfolio and posting it here, so give me a watch if you like what you see. : )


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