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October 14, 2012
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Terran Striker by Phill-Art Terran Striker by Phill-Art
There's an artillery unit I always remembered from a cinematic in either original SC or BW, where it shoots and destroys a limping dragoon. I always wondered how that unit fit into the Terran army, so I did my own spin on it. Keep in mind these unit concepts are more for my portfolio, so don't take them too seriously. Although I do like the War Hound (even though it is just another walking mech unit) I thought a more dynamic direction would be a fragile siege unit that doesn't do splash damage (not well rounded like the War Hound was). While it can out range a Siege Tank, it would also have a large minimum range. Without support, any mid to close range units could overrun any amount of Stikers. I'd mainly like to see how it would work out in TvT.
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I'd make it have to turn into a turretlike thing in order to shoot, since the Terrans have a theme of morphing units.
SydeX Jul 27, 2013  Professional General Artist
Not sure about the name, Id go for something more exotic, Striker is just too common.

But yeah I remember this vehicle in the cinematics, it was always kind of strange how they had all these vehicles that never showed up in the final game.
The cinematics kinda did their own thing, another example is the zerglings from those cinematics, they had hydralisk heads for some reason. 

SydeX Jul 29, 2013  Professional General Artist
Yeah I remember that, maybe they wanted to save time and money by not making a completely new head or it made sense since they were both from the Zerg.

The limitations of what they could do though is part of the charm that made the game so great, which I can't say for the sequel.
Yea BW was full of unintentional mechanics that made it so interesting, good times. 

As for the the zerglings having hyrdralisks heads, I figured either zerglings were originally conceptualized that way, and they were too far into the cinematic production to change it. Or they intentionally made them with hydra heads due to the hydralisk being more iconic. The hydralisk was on the game cover and single player menu for orginal SC after all. 
Zabaso Feb 2, 2014  Student Artist
If you look at the Zerglings now, in SC2,  you'll notice they kinda look like Hydras, too. The round head, the small mouth, and the tusks look like the extra set of jaws the Hydra has.

Hey...remember the Warhound? Same effect this unit would have.
As far as we know from the cinematic, it is effective vs Dragoons. :P
That's a hottie pilot.
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