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October 20, 2012
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Protoss Vindicator by Phill-Art Protoss Vindicator by Phill-Art
So when WoL came out, I was surprised they didn't do anything with the idea of a High Templar and Dark Templar merging. I thought of a bunch of ideas for what this could do, but in the end they were too weird and not practical. Please share any cool ideas.
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I really hope Blizzard makes archons for dark templar happen, even if it's just for campaign 'cause this and the dark archon would be awesome!
BangbangPandaman Mar 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Damn Ive always loved the Archons! POWER OVERWHELMING!
XEverSouldarknessX Nov 29, 2013  Student Writer
bring the mind control ability back and maybe....
it has the atacks like like an archon and it could have the ablity ot spawn a few zealots or stalkers.
Man you should really send all those custom images to Blizzard, maybe they would act on it ;).
I, for one really like the idea of a unit like the Vindicator roaming the forces of the Protoss. I'd also have an Idea on how they could be implementet like something along the lines of "Armory, Laboratory" of the Protoss in advancing the merging of the templars as Archons to the "Vindicator". A Dark Archon (I really am hoping for those) and the normal 'light' Archon would merge to the Super Glass Canon that is the Vindicator.
Anyways the Artwork itself is incredible! I really do hope that you are continuing to make pics like those.
Thanks for the comment and interesting ideas : )
No problem, you deserve the attention!
I've been noticed by Blizzard at least, my dark templar concepts were posted on their facebook : ) I'll be making more SC art in the future!
Dark archon + regular Archon 

would have massive hp and damage, but it burns out and splits back into two archons with no shields at the end of 1 min

Superovermind Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this would be quite bad ass :3
I'd put this in the LotV campaign as a split of the Archon. I'd make it have huge DPS, less health, more range, and 3 abilities:
- (cooldown 10) Void Arc - Shoots a small arc of energy (100 damage, 125 to massive) at a target.
- (toggled, drains shields while active, lasts 30 seconds) Tendrils of Rage - 5 tendrils, each with a 25-damage, 2 attackspeed attack, start hitting enemies in 8.
- (passive) Volatile Psionics - Whenever he takes damage, one of the following happens.
5%: He takes no damage.
10%: He takes double damage.
15%: Instead of taking damage, he loses energy equal to the damage. If he doesn't have enough energy, he takes no further effects.
25%: Nothing happens.
15%: He gains energy equal to the damage dealt.
10%: The damage is reflected.
5%: The attacker dies.
5%: He, and all units within 3, die in a blast of void energy.
10%: He gets either  +10 damage and +1 shieldarmor for a minute, or -10 damage for a minute and takes 10 damage.

That way, he is slightly more fragile, but has much more damage. Volatile Psionics' description would just say that 'a variety of effects may happen when a Vindicator takes damage.
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